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Platform Builder forums

Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:15 pm by Alju5

Dear members! I am not active with Mario Builder nor it's forums anymore although I still view some activity here sometimes. This is because of the need to choose some activities from all ones in ridiculously limited time. Good things are that I spend more time on something that has been created by the same creator as for Mario Builder. This is Platform Builder and it's own forum.

To be all …

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Mario Builder V11 is OUT!

Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:24 am by Pixel Turtle

Mario Builder V11 -

-Many kinds of enemies can be placed ontop of a pipe opening. This will cause them to continually spawn from that pipe.
-Added an invisible text block
-Added the pink piranha plant by Alju5 through the engine challenge
-Added the ice bro by lukasmah through the engine challenge
-Added Ice bro to the overworld
-Boom Boom and Koopalings must take multiple shots …

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Super Mario Bros. Coin Collectors

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Super Mario Bros. Coin Collectors Empty Super Mario Bros. Coin Collectors

Post  UncleGoombob1 on Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:00 am

Now, normally I would never work with 2 games simultaneously. But here's a second fangame!

It's inspired from New Super Mario Bros. 2, but with none of the levels from that game. It is called Super Mario Bros. Coin Collectors. Again, Princess Peach has been kidnapped, and there are coins spread around the Mushroom World. There are some secrets, like Time Challenge levels, a coin ship like in SMB3, and You get to play as both Mario and Luigi, depending on what world you're in.

There will be 10 worlds, where Bowser will appear 2 times. 1st in World 8 and 2nd in World 10. Here are the worlds:

World 1: Green Grassy Plains
World 2: Snowy Plantation
World 3: Stormy Seaside
World 4: Windy Oasis
World 5: Nighttime Forest
World 6: Cloudy Star Sky
World 7: Coin City
World 8: Bowser Kingdom
World 9: Bowser's Koopa Hideout
World 10: Bowser's Ultra Castle

As soon as I finish World 1, I will probably consider making a demo, but I need someone to tell me how.


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Super Mario Bros. Coin Collectors Empty Re: Super Mario Bros. Coin Collectors

Post  Alju5 on Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:05 pm

Welcome, UncleGoombob1!

Your idea or even already began project seems to be good but it feels a little weird to me how people have began to talk how something is coming soon which probably will never come here in projects subforum. Neutral And if you also still ask some kind of help in your projects then may-be this post should exist rather in "Mario Builder - Help & Support" subforum. Rolling Eyes
But to not offend you which is honestly not in plan I explain why... Creating a game, even if we make a game with so easy and powerful program like Mario Builder, it takes a time and I also may say what I all will begin to do but it all takes a time and we got several new ideas, old ones may not feel so possible or interesting to create anymore and so a lot of this stuff which we plan may never come true. If you even don't have any screenshots then those kind of posts may feel nonsense in this subforum for me. But for your luck you are not the only one. However, try to accept my comment because I think I am still right although my English may not be perfect! Smile

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