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Mario Builder V11 is OUT!

Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:24 am by Pixel Turtle

Mario Builder V11 -

-Many kinds of enemies can be placed ontop of a pipe opening. This will cause them to continually spawn from that pipe.
-Added an invisible text block
-Added the pink piranha plant by Alju5 through the engine challenge
-Added the ice bro by lukasmah through the engine challenge
-Added Ice bro to the overworld
-Boom Boom and Koopalings must take multiple shots …

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Super Mario Bros. Icy Challenge Demo 1.09 Major Bugfix

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Super Mario Bros. Icy Challenge Demo 1.09 Major Bugfix

Post  blurrytoad on Fri Dec 12, 2014 5:27 pm

Super Mario Bros. Icy Challenge


Due to World 2, 3 or 4 not working I have released a major bugfix that you must download to play the game. Super Mario Bros. Icy Challenge is a linear game expanding on concepts featured in classic Mario games. Slip and slide your way through 4 worlds and collect A-Coins and try to find the secret exits. In version 1.09 explore the Vegetable Hill level, and find the secret exit. This game is still in a incomplete state, you can check the overall progress below.


I'm going to upload some more video levels later.

World and Level List

Overall Progress: 33% Finished! 1 level in today.

World 1: Snowy Sky Plains
1-1 Floaty Plains (complete) demo 1
1-2 Sky High Jumps (complete) demo 1
1-3 Christmas Trees (complete) (secret exit) demo 1
1-4 Iceberg Ocean (complete) demo 1
1-Fortress Sand Dune Mine (complete) demo 1
1-5 Windy Flurries (incomplete)
1-C 3 Path Dig (complete) demo 1.08

World 2: Donut Hills
2-1 Bread Bridge (complete) demo 1.06
2-2 Rope Labyrinth (complete) demo 1.07
2-4 Vegetable Hill (complete) (secret exit) demo 1.09

World 3: Forgery Forest
3-1 Invisible Forest (complete) (secret exit) demo 1.05

World 4: Cold-Hot Cave
4-1 White Lava Ride (complete) demo 1

Download Link

Demo 1: mediafire.com ?svzmu184cbdocys
Demo 1.05: mediafire.com ?aczc2kc5twx3dsv
Demo 1.06:  http://www.mediafire.com/download/irfl4m207uvw941/Super_Mario_Bros._Icy_Challenge_Demo_1.06.rar
Demo 1.07:  http://www.mediafire.com/download/f4uma9sukkqe48d/Super_Mario_Bros._Icy_Challenge_1.07.rar
Demo 1.08:  https://www.mediafire.com/?m5qzd11cthdw95h
Demo 1.09 mediafire.com ?at372bobfcyydtq
Demo 1.09: Major Bugfix mediafire.com ?w630k06w9rhjj6q


Please leave some feedback so I can improve this game. Smile

Last edited by blurrytoad on Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:01 pm; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : major bugfix)

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